Tools needed: Box end wrench (or crescent wrench) and cone wrench. For Shimano hub: 17mm box end and 15mm cone wrench (very thin).

1. Remove wheel from bike (bare hub shown for illustration; no need to strip out the spokes!) Remove quick release skewer.

2. Loosen the locknut with the box-end wrench while holding the cone with the cone wrench.

3. Remove the lock nut and spacers

4. Measure the old spacer

5. Find thinner spacer that gives same width as old spacer when combined with the trailer mount hardware (a piece of an old fork blade is shown here to represent the trailer mount hardware). If it's within 0.1mm, that's close enough.

6. Replace the old spacer with the thinner spacer and trailer mount hardware.

7. Adjust the cone so the hub spins freely with only slight play. Securely tighten the locknut while holding the cone with the cone wrench.

8. Reinstall quick release skewer and install wheel in dropout. Mount hardware should be vertical.

Trailer hitch mockup

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